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Wordless Wednesday: Pooh Bear

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Wordless Wednesday: A Love Blossoming

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101 Days to Christmas


Are YOU ready for the craze of the holiday season?

The Little Miss is counting down...she knows "First it's Halloween, then my birthday, then Cousin K's birthday, and then Christmas!!"

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

No More Secrets

Oh Hi!

I haven't fallen off the face of the became a little chaotic for most of August. My Mom fell while visiting us and broke the humerus in her right arm (and scraped her head) just four days prior to her scheduled return. I became her nurse for three plus weeks until we could get her returned home (we traveled with her as she was so limited with arm mobility). We're back now and trying to catch up with work and life.

The Little Miss was a bit out of sorts during this time. I had so little time with her spending much of my day helping my Mom with everyday tasks she could no longer do. The Little Miss' language is exploding and she's such a sensitive little person and SO observant. For days after my Mom's fall she'd pretend play she fell and "Bumped my head and broked my arm. I need to go to the doctor." She would find something to wrap around her arm then locate a pillow to prop her arm up to rest. She also quickly learned to "fill me in" (and anyone within earshot) on all the happenings while I was busy with Grandma.

For example:

  • "Daddy's not happy with me cause I'm not listening."
  • "Daddy is a little frustrated."

  • "We played puzzles and Legos and had a picnic on the floor and I spilled my water but Daddy wasn't mad."
  • To her dance teacher: "Grandma broked her arm and bonked her head and Mommy has to wash her hair."
  • "Friend-Friend (our greyhound) peed on the floor! Doggies don't pee on the carpet. Doggies poop and pee outside. Maybe I can go poop outside. Maybe"

  • To her Aunt: "Mommy's stressed out."

Needless to say, we can no longer have any secrets in this house. She's a sponge...even if we think she's not listening. If we say anything in front of The Little Miss, we need to be prepared for it to be repeated. Good or bad.

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Wordless Wednesday: Masterpiece

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A little catch-up

Wow. As much as I hope to be completely on top of this blog it. just. doesn't. happen. There are a few things to catch up on:

Speech Therapy: The Little Miss is currently on a "service coordination" plan. This means she's improved so much that she no longer needs bi-weekly play therapy. This worked out well as her therapist is on maternity leave and she's to be tested in another week to see if she needs/qualifies for continued therapies with the school district. Her vocabulary is pretty huge at this point. The biggest issue we have is proper enunciation. Essentially, if we make her slow down and we demonstrate proper, exaggerated enunciation, she'll speak the word perfectly.  I'm wavering on the pre-school idea. While I really do wish to have her in that type of setting, I'm not sure I'm ready for her to be there at age 2 1/2 for four days a week.

Potty Training: Well, she mastered this long ago. The end of May had us traveling to Missouri for my niece's graduation from high school. The Little Miss had been doing extremely well. She rarely peed in her pull-up and was wearing underwear more and more at night (from the time she woke from her nap until bath time).  The week prior to our trip she decided she was DONE with the pull-ups. We had planned to really work on potty training when we got back but she decided for us. She wanted her underwear on and she wanted it on from the time she woke until she went to bed at night. I was fully prepared for our trip, putting her in pull-ups on the flights and she never once needed them. She went on the plane (that's fun, let me tell ya!) multiple times and even held it once when she had to go and we were mid descent and couldn't get out of our seats. This continued the entire time we were in Missouri and she's been going strong since. We still put a pull-up on at night, not wanting to risk a solid-night's sleep for accidents, but she's been completely dry for weeks now at night.
When did she turn into such a little girl!?

Gymnast or Dancer?: We received some really sad news that our local The Little Gym is closing it's doors for good the first week of August. The Little Miss LOVES her classes there and has been talking, non-stop, about taking the dance/tumble combo class when she turns 3 with her teacher, Mrs. C. Very few dance studios allow toddlers under 3 to take classes. There are two studios in town we're looking at, but we're also trying to decide if we want to abandon gymnastics all together or do some sort of combo class (which is difficult to find). She really seems to want to go for dance. In fact, we discussed the fact that if she took dance I couldn't be in the class with her. She smiled and said "I a big girl Mommy! You watch me!" She may change her mindset when the time comes but, for now, she seems to be okay with the fact I'd have to watch from the lobby and not be in the class with her. We don't want her to have so many activities she doesn't have time to just be a kid but we'd like to expose her to activities and give her a chance to socialize outside of her comfort zone of home. Decisions, decisions.
The Rings. A perpetual favorite!
So, life here continues its usual amount of crazy. We had one of The Little Miss' older cousins out for two weeks and soon, Grandma will be out for a few weeks. In between our travels and company we had landscapers performing a total make-over of the backyard. We now have GRASS! A complete novelty here in the desert and something we're really enjoying. I make no guarantees with the blog. I'm currently trying to focus on quality time with The Little Miss than just quantity of time. I admit to work preoccupying my time and, in turn, I'm distracted by email or the latest assignment that needs to be finished. In doing so I may be with The Little Miss physically, but I'm not fully being with her.

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Remembering and Honoring

This year I was honored to have the opportunity to be in my hometown during Memorial Day weekend. It's been quite a long while since I've been able to decorate my Dad's grave. This year was made even better because The Little Miss was able to join us. I know she doesn't understand how Grandpa can be represented by a headstone and a small plot of land but she was excited to be placing flowers there....even if she didn't get it.

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Happy Mother's Day!

To all the Moms and Moms-to-be....wishing you a day of much love, thankfulness, and pampering from those who love you the most.

To my Mom, thanks for always being there for me. I love watching my daughter's face light up with joy when you're around. Thank you for all your sacrifices and love through the years. I wish I was there to hug you today.

To my sweet, sweet Sophie. You were the greatest gift I have ever been blessed with. I treasure our time together...even on those tough days.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A List....

Since my mind is all over the place lately, this will be a post of lists....

1. We were astonished with The Little Miss' progress speech-wise. The past week has brought some kind of scary regression. She's back to her rambling, melodic jargon that she was doing prior to therapy. Words that had been incredibly clear are now becoming unintelligible. Personally, I'm trying not to panic...some regression is normal as kids develop new skills but even her therapist was a little worried. We're meeting with another specialist in a couple of weeks to see if there might be some other reason for the regression. In the meantime we can just hope it's either a confidence issue or a natural regression that will resolve itself.

2. Our mountains are on fire. This happens from time to time in the desert when things get really dry in the spring.  But this is the closest the actual fire has been to our house. We can't see flames yet so I'm feeling okay but winds could change at any moment.

3. This has been the year of huge expenses. We've had plumbing issues, had to replace a dishwasher, replace a large window in the house due to a stray golf ball, speech therapy, and just this past week we had to replace our router (the fourth one in recent years), the DVD/CD ROM in my laptop is dead and needs to be replaced, and buy a new camera (can't run a photography business when your camera is no longer functioning!). I'm complaining a wee bit but mostly I feel blessed that we've been able to handle most of these expenses. Granted our savings account is getting smaller by the minute but hopefully we can rebuild it soon.

4. I really want to bake. I can't seem to find the spare minutes it requires and I really don't need to eat whatever I bake. But that cookie dough? It's calling my name.

5. Sophie loves to help in the kitchen and I LOVE it. My mom never really liked us "helping" her cook so anything I can cook now was mostly self-taught. I want my daughter to know her way around a kitchen and have a love for cooking.

6. We need a vacation. A real vacation. A not-visiting-family vacation. We'd really like to go to Disney World but it's a LONG trip and expensive. So we thought, "We're closer to Disneyland, let's try there." WRONG. Unless we plan to rob a bank anytime soon I think we're going to have to nix Disney from the list. Planning a vacation with a toddler in tow is not as easy as it used to be when it was just Y and I!

7. I'm having a custom photo case made for my iPhone. I received notification it shipped today. I am SO excited to get it. It's like my own little Mother's Day gift to myself.

8. Speaking of Mother's Day. I nearly forgot it's THIS coming Sunday. For some reason I kept thinking it's next week. Nope. What do I want for Mother's Day? A nap, a massage, and time to watch a good romantic comedy...not necessarily in that order. I wouldn't mind a pedicure either.

9. I have an obsession with kid shoes. The Little Miss has WAY more shoes than she needs. I blame those deal-a-day and discount sites. Yeah, that's it. ;)

10. I'm ashamed of my weight. I really feel like I'm losing control and need to do something. I CANNOT even THINK about getting pregnant at my current weight. It would be horribly unhealthy for myself and a potential child. My eating habits haven't really changed for the worse - I'm not eating more than I used to in fact I'm making an effort to eat smaller portions. Tea and water have replaced sodas and I'm squeezing in a little exercise when I have time. I know I need to do more but I'm so completely frustrated that I'm still gaining despite the small changes I have made.

That's all my rambling for now. Hug your children. Hug your parents. Hug your spouse or significant other. Most importantly, be kind to yourself and one another.

Wordless Wednesday: In a Row

Thursday, April 28, 2011


With The Little Miss' budding language skills, she's had a lot of humorous quips lately. These were recently overheard:

While getting some food out of our side by side freezer, a few small things fell to the floor. Sophie, who was playing nearby, exclaimed, "Oh Mommy! Be careful!"
Calling the dogs to go out for one last potty break before we headed out, they were ignoring me instead hoping for the treats we usually leave for them. Sophie, ever wise, sighs, shakes her head and says "Doggies, NOT listening."
Getting onto myself for forgetting to do something, I said "Oh I'm so dumb." Sophie, never one to miss a great repeat says, "Mommy's dumb!"
After dealing with several headaches this month and needing to medicate and find a quiet spot to reduce the pain, Sophie grabs her burp cloth for her head (they've become very soft security blankets of sorts), lays on her beanbag and says, "Oh my head hurts. Need rest."
Y, heading off to meetings, came in to kiss Sophie while I was busy putting away some laundry. Noticing he hadn't kissed me she scolds, "Daddy! Kiss Mommy!"
Y and I have both been extremely busy with work and have had to placate Sophie with a few "I need to finish this. I'll play in 5 minutes." Sophie, busy playing, turns to me when I tell her it's time to get dressed and says, "10 minutes, Mommy!"

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View From the iPhone (photo intense)

I always seem to forget about photos taken with the iPhone when we're out and about, and even forget to download them frequently so months go by before I remember to sync my phone and pull the pictures from the it. Some fun activities were captured on the phone and some of my favorite snapshots, too! Enjoy a peek into those "brief" moments that were photo-worthy.

Waiting for Grandma....

Grandma's flight was delayed in November so we stopped at a park for some playtime.

Checking out the lake.

"I don't see any ducks!"

Birthday Girl!

A birthday trip to the zoo!

After Grandma's departure....

Aunt Niki would be so proud! Riding on a quad!

View from under the slide...


Her first real circles (you know, the ones that really look like circles)!

Leaving on a jet plane.....
Sending kisses to my family as we head back home.

Can't fly without some shades!

Can't go anywhere without Grover!

More artwork and random fun:

"Trees, Flowers and Bees"

Baking with Nana.

"Red 'pider"

Ready to go fishing!

Making rectangles...

She is her cousin's twin!