Wednesday, September 7, 2011

No More Secrets

Oh Hi!

I haven't fallen off the face of the became a little chaotic for most of August. My Mom fell while visiting us and broke the humerus in her right arm (and scraped her head) just four days prior to her scheduled return. I became her nurse for three plus weeks until we could get her returned home (we traveled with her as she was so limited with arm mobility). We're back now and trying to catch up with work and life.

The Little Miss was a bit out of sorts during this time. I had so little time with her spending much of my day helping my Mom with everyday tasks she could no longer do. The Little Miss' language is exploding and she's such a sensitive little person and SO observant. For days after my Mom's fall she'd pretend play she fell and "Bumped my head and broked my arm. I need to go to the doctor." She would find something to wrap around her arm then locate a pillow to prop her arm up to rest. She also quickly learned to "fill me in" (and anyone within earshot) on all the happenings while I was busy with Grandma.

For example:

  • "Daddy's not happy with me cause I'm not listening."
  • "Daddy is a little frustrated."

  • "We played puzzles and Legos and had a picnic on the floor and I spilled my water but Daddy wasn't mad."
  • To her dance teacher: "Grandma broked her arm and bonked her head and Mommy has to wash her hair."
  • "Friend-Friend (our greyhound) peed on the floor! Doggies don't pee on the carpet. Doggies poop and pee outside. Maybe I can go poop outside. Maybe"

  • To her Aunt: "Mommy's stressed out."

Needless to say, we can no longer have any secrets in this house. She's a sponge...even if we think she's not listening. If we say anything in front of The Little Miss, we need to be prepared for it to be repeated. Good or bad.

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