Wednesday, May 25, 2011

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Happy Mother's Day!

To all the Moms and Moms-to-be....wishing you a day of much love, thankfulness, and pampering from those who love you the most.

To my Mom, thanks for always being there for me. I love watching my daughter's face light up with joy when you're around. Thank you for all your sacrifices and love through the years. I wish I was there to hug you today.

To my sweet, sweet Sophie. You were the greatest gift I have ever been blessed with. I treasure our time together...even on those tough days.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A List....

Since my mind is all over the place lately, this will be a post of lists....

1. We were astonished with The Little Miss' progress speech-wise. The past week has brought some kind of scary regression. She's back to her rambling, melodic jargon that she was doing prior to therapy. Words that had been incredibly clear are now becoming unintelligible. Personally, I'm trying not to panic...some regression is normal as kids develop new skills but even her therapist was a little worried. We're meeting with another specialist in a couple of weeks to see if there might be some other reason for the regression. In the meantime we can just hope it's either a confidence issue or a natural regression that will resolve itself.

2. Our mountains are on fire. This happens from time to time in the desert when things get really dry in the spring.  But this is the closest the actual fire has been to our house. We can't see flames yet so I'm feeling okay but winds could change at any moment.

3. This has been the year of huge expenses. We've had plumbing issues, had to replace a dishwasher, replace a large window in the house due to a stray golf ball, speech therapy, and just this past week we had to replace our router (the fourth one in recent years), the DVD/CD ROM in my laptop is dead and needs to be replaced, and buy a new camera (can't run a photography business when your camera is no longer functioning!). I'm complaining a wee bit but mostly I feel blessed that we've been able to handle most of these expenses. Granted our savings account is getting smaller by the minute but hopefully we can rebuild it soon.

4. I really want to bake. I can't seem to find the spare minutes it requires and I really don't need to eat whatever I bake. But that cookie dough? It's calling my name.

5. Sophie loves to help in the kitchen and I LOVE it. My mom never really liked us "helping" her cook so anything I can cook now was mostly self-taught. I want my daughter to know her way around a kitchen and have a love for cooking.

6. We need a vacation. A real vacation. A not-visiting-family vacation. We'd really like to go to Disney World but it's a LONG trip and expensive. So we thought, "We're closer to Disneyland, let's try there." WRONG. Unless we plan to rob a bank anytime soon I think we're going to have to nix Disney from the list. Planning a vacation with a toddler in tow is not as easy as it used to be when it was just Y and I!

7. I'm having a custom photo case made for my iPhone. I received notification it shipped today. I am SO excited to get it. It's like my own little Mother's Day gift to myself.

8. Speaking of Mother's Day. I nearly forgot it's THIS coming Sunday. For some reason I kept thinking it's next week. Nope. What do I want for Mother's Day? A nap, a massage, and time to watch a good romantic comedy...not necessarily in that order. I wouldn't mind a pedicure either.

9. I have an obsession with kid shoes. The Little Miss has WAY more shoes than she needs. I blame those deal-a-day and discount sites. Yeah, that's it. ;)

10. I'm ashamed of my weight. I really feel like I'm losing control and need to do something. I CANNOT even THINK about getting pregnant at my current weight. It would be horribly unhealthy for myself and a potential child. My eating habits haven't really changed for the worse - I'm not eating more than I used to in fact I'm making an effort to eat smaller portions. Tea and water have replaced sodas and I'm squeezing in a little exercise when I have time. I know I need to do more but I'm so completely frustrated that I'm still gaining despite the small changes I have made.

That's all my rambling for now. Hug your children. Hug your parents. Hug your spouse or significant other. Most importantly, be kind to yourself and one another.

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