Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

We have a lot to be thankful for and this year, not being in an I-just-delivered, have-a-3-day-old child haze I can reflect on the past year without bursting into tears. Okay, tears could still happen.

I'm thankful for family who loves us endlessly, my daughter who puts the biggest smile on my face daily, and all the support we have received from family and friends throughout the years. We have a roof over our heads, food on our table and each other to love and support.

Have a hug from the Little Miss and enjoy your Thanksgiving Eats!

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Our baby girl turns ONE today!

The birthday girl who:
  • has 8 teeth
  • can walk 6+ steps all on her own
  • can climb the ladder on her little slide
  • loves apples, green beans, pears, rice, hamburger, noodles, and of course all her snacks
  • says Mama, Dada, Baba, Ni-Ni (night night), guh-guh (for bottle/sippy)
  • can throw a ball
  • stacks EVERYTHING
  • was an angel during her first haircut
  • hates bows or clips in her hair
  • loves her doggies
  • has a sense of humor and laughs at her own "jokes"
  • can rearrange the drawers or pantry in the 30 seconds Mom or Dad turn around to do something else
  • LOVES to be outside
  • is loved beyond measure
Happy 1st Birthday, Sophie Grace!!

All Our Love,
Momma and Dada

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Because Babies Shouldn't Have to Fight....

I'm fighting for them!

Today is Fight For Preemies day.

543,000 babies are born prematurely each year. As we prepare to celebrate Sophie's first birthday in a few days, I've been reflecting on all the struggles we went through in the first few weeks of Sophie's life. While she was born at 38 weeks her weight was small at 5lbs 10oz - even less once we were home. I recall the stress I felt as I struggled to breastfeed, pleading my milk to come in because my baby girl was losing precious ounces. We were given preemie hats in the hospital because her head was so small. The Newborn clothes we had brought with us swam on her so down to Preemie sizes we went. All the while I questioned what I did wrong during the pregnancy to have a baby so small, struggling to gain weight. All of this pales to the stresses and struggles parents of premature babies feel.

While I, personally, don't have a preemie, my life has been touched by several preemies through the years. Most recently, I posted about two premature boys. I am SO happy to report they are both thriving. Baby C is currently getting his first tooth and Baby E recently enjoyed his first roadtrip with his parents. Baby C was in the NICU much longer than Baby E but both struggled and without all the technologies available today, it's possible these boys could not be as healthy as they are today.

Join in the fight. Become aware. Visit the March of Dimes to learn how YOU can help.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


The Little Miss went as Tigger this year. She was SO excited to put on the costume. She'd giggle and bounce, bounce, bounce just like Tigger.

We had to lose the hoodie portion on the walk back!

This year's festivities were subdued. She has no real clue as to what everything meant. She can't have candy (and I don't NEED it) so we just hit a few places. We stopped at her grandparent's** house, a family friend's house and our friend Niki's home. She just soaked everything in and watched all the kids in costumes a little warily.

We hope everyone had a great Halloween and were able to stay safe!

**My father-in-law took most of the pictures (I think I took 3 all day!). As soon as I have them from him I'll share!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Pumpkin Patch!

We were surprised to find there was a pumpkin patch in the desert! I was very pleasantly surprised at their offerings and was thrilled we could take Sophie this year.

Buckelew Farm
was a pretty long drive for us but that allowed The Little Miss to get a morning nap in on the ride over. We had her Nana and Yeye meet us there where we went through the petting zoo then took a "hayride" to the patch.

Sophie loved all the pumpkins and instantly wanted down to crawl in the dirt and vines. Because we're in the desert the patch wasn't your standard flat field - each patch had raised bed rows where the pumpkins grew and the "gutters" were for irrigation purposes. Not the easiest place for the Peanut to crawl around but she tried her best!

Once we were home, she was able to pose with her pumpkins. Any time we walk by the pumpkins here at home she wants to stop and pat them.

More Halloween related posts to come!