Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ack! I'm way behind!

Where the heck does time go??? Oh wait. We have a newborn now that takes all our time!

Little Miss Sophie is now ONE MONTH OLD! At her weight check on the 17th she was 6lbs 8oz. We were given the green light to keep doing what we're doing and not return until her 2 month check-up. Well.....apparently Little Miss S decided she wanted to see her pediatrician again. Off and on for a couple of weeks, Sophie has had a few crying spells. To us, it seemed like it was related to her having a BM. Last week, her fussiness was continuing to get worse and as we kept track of when they were occurring, we noticed it was always after her nursing. With her fussiness she also wasn't sleeping well. Friday, it became so bad that we had an hour of hard, inconsolable crying. She sounded like she was in pain. Nothing we did would help and she just seemed miserable. After a call to the pediatrician, he wanted to see us Monday. In hopes of making her a little less miserable and possibly determine if there was something in my breastmilk she was having issues with (this after I had eliminated all possible gas-producing foods from my diet for 3 days), we switched to formula Friday night while I continued to pump to keep my supply up. She did really, really well on the formula. Until Monday. Monday she began spitting up and having her painful crying episodes again.

At her appointment she was diagnosed with possible reflux. Our first order of business was to try added rice formula and stop nursing. Immediately after her first feeding with the new formula, she cried and cried and cried. For two and a half hours. Poor thing was so miserable. We switched back to regular formula overnight. That seemed to help but she's still having issues. Today has brought quite a bit of spitting up and more fussiness after feedings. After another call to the pediatrician, Sophie will be starting on Zantac tonight. We're to use the regular formula so we can figure out what's working. If neither the Zantac nor the rice formula (which we tried yesterday) works, we'll need to return to the pediatrician to see if there are other issues with her stomach.

In other milestones, Sophie loves to stare at people's faces. She'll try to mimick any faces you make at her - it's very funny. She can hold her head up by herself for a couple of minutes at a time. She LOVES to stare at the ceiling fans and loves, loves, LOVES her Gloworm and Soothe & Glow Seahorse. She's now up to 6lbs 15oz (as of Monday, her one month birthday). Bathtime is becoming much more tolerable for her. When we first started baths in the tub, she'd cry the whole time. Now, she only cries if she gets cold. Yay for progress!

And now for the best part....a few pictures from the past couple of weeks!
Enjoying the ceiling fan

I'm such a mean Mommy putting a picture up of her throwing a fit. I find it rather humorous.

Storytime with Daddy.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Two-week check-up

Here are the stats for Sophie's two-week check-up:

Weight: 5lbs 14oz (yay! gained 7oz in 5 days!!)
Length: 19.8 inches
Head circumference: 34cm

She's doing great, despite her peeling dry skin.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Two Weeks Old!

Sophie is two weeks old today!

**Note: This post was started last Saturday when she was two weeks old. Yeah, life got a wee bit busy and I'm just now getting back to it now that she's nearly 3 weeks old.**

She is becoming much more alert during the day and stays awake for an hour or so at a time a few times a day. Nights are still pretty rough with her waking every three to four hours for feedings meaning I get only two to three hours of sleep at a time - if she's not fussy in between.

We've had a few diaper blow-outs, one of which resulted in poo all over her leg and foot (and Mommy's hand when she didn't realize where the poo had gone). I laugh at the facial expressions she makes on a daily basis, especially when feeding. She has a tendency to get ahead of herself and dives for the boob at feeding time.

We had two weight checks this past week. On Monday, we returned for the first weight check since her first appointment. Sadly, there was no change. Our pediatrician suspected that since my milk didn't come in until last Friday that she had actually lost more then began gaining to end up back at 5lbs 4oz. We returned on Thursday to be sure this was the case and check that she was gaining. At Thursday's appointment she was up 3 ounces in 3 days to 5lbs 7oz. Yay!