Monday, September 24, 2007

Clomid - 0, Infertility - 1

We had a fantastic time at Disney. We took our time and did what WE wanted to do. We had an amazing Sunset Safari experience at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. Since we were the only ones on the safari, our special dinner afterward was made even more amazing! Unfortunately, the trip ended on a sad note. AF arrived on our last full day at Disney. I was so sad that not only did we have a failed cycle but the cramps were miserable! It was not the way I wanted to end our vacation.

I was hurt beyond belief that morning. We had decided to go on one of the timeshare speeches for the Disney Vacation Clubs. The lady we had immediately asked if we had kids. That question was like having my heart ripped out of my chest and having it stomped on. I was so close to tears but Y came to the rescue. His awkward response should have been a clue that that question shouldn't have been asked but alas, the lady was clueless.

So on to the next cycle and our journey continues. We were so hoping that the disappointment would be over but we'll continue on.

On a more positive note, my cycle on Clomid has shortened to 31 days from the 50-62 day cycles I'd been having for the past 4 cycles. I would say that's a good improvement!