Thursday, April 28, 2011


With The Little Miss' budding language skills, she's had a lot of humorous quips lately. These were recently overheard:

While getting some food out of our side by side freezer, a few small things fell to the floor. Sophie, who was playing nearby, exclaimed, "Oh Mommy! Be careful!"
Calling the dogs to go out for one last potty break before we headed out, they were ignoring me instead hoping for the treats we usually leave for them. Sophie, ever wise, sighs, shakes her head and says "Doggies, NOT listening."
Getting onto myself for forgetting to do something, I said "Oh I'm so dumb." Sophie, never one to miss a great repeat says, "Mommy's dumb!"
After dealing with several headaches this month and needing to medicate and find a quiet spot to reduce the pain, Sophie grabs her burp cloth for her head (they've become very soft security blankets of sorts), lays on her beanbag and says, "Oh my head hurts. Need rest."
Y, heading off to meetings, came in to kiss Sophie while I was busy putting away some laundry. Noticing he hadn't kissed me she scolds, "Daddy! Kiss Mommy!"
Y and I have both been extremely busy with work and have had to placate Sophie with a few "I need to finish this. I'll play in 5 minutes." Sophie, busy playing, turns to me when I tell her it's time to get dressed and says, "10 minutes, Mommy!"

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Wordless Wednesday: Just Keep Swimming...

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View From the iPhone (photo intense)

I always seem to forget about photos taken with the iPhone when we're out and about, and even forget to download them frequently so months go by before I remember to sync my phone and pull the pictures from the it. Some fun activities were captured on the phone and some of my favorite snapshots, too! Enjoy a peek into those "brief" moments that were photo-worthy.

Waiting for Grandma....

Grandma's flight was delayed in November so we stopped at a park for some playtime.

Checking out the lake.

"I don't see any ducks!"

Birthday Girl!

A birthday trip to the zoo!

After Grandma's departure....

Aunt Niki would be so proud! Riding on a quad!

View from under the slide...


Her first real circles (you know, the ones that really look like circles)!

Leaving on a jet plane.....
Sending kisses to my family as we head back home.

Can't fly without some shades!

Can't go anywhere without Grover!

More artwork and random fun:

"Trees, Flowers and Bees"

Baking with Nana.

"Red 'pider"

Ready to go fishing!

Making rectangles...

She is her cousin's twin!