Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Where does the time go!?!

So much for staying on top of blogging.

We've had our ups and downs in the past month. While Sophie is growing more adorable and more fun each day, she's still struggling with tummy issues. We returned, once again, to the pediatrician on January 13th. Sophie had become really constipated and the prescribed teaspoon of dark Karo syrup twice a day in her bottles didn't seem to be doing much to help her. She was crying in pain any time she had to go. The Zantac, even at full dosage, wasn't helping her reflux either.

She's now on Prevacid once a day and it really seems to be controlling the reflux. Her poop issues - well, those are still there. She now has a BM about every two to three days with the aid of Karo syrup. Not my favorite solution but we're trying to solve one thing at a time so as not to really mess her up.

Sophie's mastered several milestones lately:
- she smiles, reactionary smiles all the time now.
- she squeals
- she coos
- she can hold her head up and steady for several minutes now
- she can do her mini push-ups
- she recognizes my voice and face as well as Daddy's
- she'll track her toys as we move them in and out of her line of vision.
- she's found her hands and will now suck on them and try to suck her thumb.

Other skills we're working on:
- laughing
- she's rolled from tummy to back. Once.
- she tries to roll from back to tummy. She'll get her bottom half going but can't get the top half to cooperate
- she tries to grab at her toys every now and then

My Mom was out for a three-week visit and just left on Monday. Sophie became quite spoiled with Grandma loving on her and holding her all the time. Now, of course, she prefers to be sleeping on someone rather than in her crib or bassinet. Thanks Mom.

Sophie will be 2 months old tomorrow and will have her 2-month check-up on the 26th. I look forward to seeing how much she's grown considering she was at 8lbs 8oz on the 13th!