Tuesday, February 24, 2009

3 Months Old!

Little Miss S turned 3 months old on Sunday. She's definitely growing like a weed! Here are her unofficial stats for 3 months:

Weight: ~12.5 lbs
Length: 24.3 inches

Sophie got to meet her Great Gram on Sunday. Great Gram is 97 years old and in failing health. Miss S did well for about 10 minutes then began to have a meltdown as we were trying to get pictures with Great Gram. Isn't that the way things always go???

She's continued to sleep through the night and is now in a fairly regular schedule. She'll go to sleep, for the night, between 9 and 10pm and sleep until 8am!

Sitting up is now one of her favorite activities. She enjoys spending time in her Bumbo seat as well as her new high chair. While she's not eating solids yet, she enjoys being at the table with Mom & Dad and playing with her toys while we eat. We purchased the Fisher Price Space Saver high chair and I have to say I love it so far! She currently sits in the partially reclined position. I love that it will grow with her as she grows. It does use up one of our chairs, but it takes much less room than an actual high chair....definitely needed in our house!

We're preparing for our first big plane trip in a couple of weeks. Her Grandma, Aunts, Uncles, cousins and many, many family friends are VERY anxious to meet little Miss S. I, on the other hand, am already wondering if I'm going to need a few valiums to not spaz out while packing and getting to the airport. I have no doubt we'll be fine once we're on the plane...it's just everything leading up to it. Moms out there: any suggestions on what is absolutely necessary or an item you couldn't have done without on your trip?

Have a great week!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Milestones Abound!

Let's see if we can catch you up since the last post. I really do need to get better about posting!

Sophie had her 2-month check-up where everything was great. Below are her stats from 1/26:
Weight: 9lbs 10oz
Length: 22.3 inches
Head Circumference: 37.4cm

She had her first round of vaccinations at the appointment. Aside from some screaming during the shots themselves, she was a real trooper. She never really ran a fever or was too terribly fussy. Later that afternoon she did have some leg pain which required one dose of Tylenol to get her to calm down.

Y and I finally had an evening out to ourselves the first of the month. Y's parents watched Miss S for a couple of hours while we enjoyed dinner. She did pretty well with them and believe it or not, I wasn't too worried. No phone calls to confirm all was okay.

We recently weighed Miss S and she's now up to 11.5lbs! Since the last post, she now has her BMs under control. The Prevacid has helped all around and we no longer have to get things moving with Karo syrup. Yay for progress!

In milestones, Sophie can now roll from tummy to back frequently. She's putting everything from her hands, her sleeves, her toys, Mommy's clothes and hands in her mouth. Sophie is now also sleeping through the night! She had been doing really well and waking only once at night, usually around 3am for a feeding. Last week she began sleeping until 6am! She's had a couple of nights where she's slept until 7 and 8am! Talk about heaven for Mommy and Daddy! While she's still trying hard to roll from back to tummy, she can now twist and squirm in such a way that she'll turn herself sideways in the crib with her feet against the side rails.

I bet you didn't know life was this exciting at 2-months old!

Probably one of the biggest developments of all is she's wanting to sit up ALL. THE. TIME. I was playing with her in bed one morning and had her partially propped up on my pillow. Next thing I know, she's using her stomach muscles and pulling herself into a sitting position! She is by no means steady at all but she much prefers sitting up to lying down. We pulled out her Bumbo seat and she LOVES sitting in her seat and watching the world.

We had a great Valentine's Day with our little love bug. She was VERY spoiled by friends and family. We had a pretty relaxed day at home and just enjoyed being together as a family. I can vividly remember last year's Valentine's Day. Y went all out, making a special dinner at home. I was on, what would be, my last round of Clomid. I was sad and depressed that we had been trying to conceive for 18 months. Y did everything he could to make me forget. Later that night, I was in the bathroom losing my entire Valentine dinner from the Clomid pukes. Of course, later that week we saw Dr. H and I told him no more Clomid...we had to try something else. Oh how I miss Dr. H. He was such a great Dr!

Coming this Sunday, Little Miss S will be 3 MONTHS old! Seriously, where did my tiny little baby go?! Why is time moving so quickly?! She'll have her first big trip in March when we head to visit my family in Missouri. Everyone there is VERY anxious to see her.